University at Buffalo School of Management

Donor Wall
GOAL: $14 million
RAISED: $16 million

The Client:

University at Buffalo School of Management, Buffalo, NY

The Challenge:

Create an inspiring work of art that
• showcases the school’s strengths,
• incorporates inspiring quotes as well as names,
• compels attention and creates a focal point in the new Commons area
• puts the idea in the minds of current students that someday they also will give back to their school.

The Karen Singer Tileworks Solution:

Create a series of “Doorways” leading to a
variety of exciting futures – options opened by the school and its educational quality – Wall Street, international business, exotic travel, to name a few. Names and other text including inspirational quotes are set into glass panels between the “doors”.

The Result:

Our client wore out one scale model of the mural taking it all over the country on “Silent Phase” visits to prospective donors. During one of these visits, the design inspired a donor to underwrite the cost of the mural. The client believes that the model functioned as an important tool helping her differentiate this campaign and its quality from other projects. The campaign was the most successful one in the history of the school. The mural has become an indigenous part of the Commons Area and a site of choice for portrait photography at the school.