Magee Rehabilitation Hospital


Meet Dr. James George, a distinguished ER doc, who spent 6 months at Magee recovering from a brain and spinal cord injury. During this period, he developed a new profession. He is now a prolific professional artist.

Through his work with Magee’s Art Therapy team, Dr. George developed a painting technique using his non-dominant arm. His paintings seem to embody the spirit of Magee’s mission! His works are now installed all over the hospital, with a strong grouping shown in the lobby.

Dr. George is a member of the Magee Advisory Council, a fundraiser, a donor and a Trustee of the Foundation Board.

We were commissioned to create the signage to name the lobby. The 8″ high by 3/4″ deep ceramic tile letters are glazed to mimic the strong gesture and bright color of Dr. George’s painting style.