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  • What does it cost?

    Each project is custom designed and priced individually. The final cost depends on size, complexity, number of images and glaze colors, etc.

    Prices generally range between:

    • Logo Tile editions $50-$250 per tile (minimums apply)
    • Donor plaques $150-$5,000
    • Header panels $15,000-35,000
    • Donor walls $25,000-150,000+
  • What is the first step in planning a project?

    Contacting us and scheduling a time to speak on the phone is the best first step. That can be done here. We can evaluate options, discuss the process, and answer any questions you may have. Watching our 5 Tips Video is also another great option to get started.

  • Our new building hasn't been built yet. Is it too early to think about commissioning a donor recognition piece?

    It’s never too early! Foster donor relationships by integrating donor stewardship into the planning phases of your organization’s campaign.

    Stimulate your fundraising by showcasing the design and models of your soon-to-be-completed project; doing this will entice and encourage giving while adding energy and excitement through your donor base.

    Your donor wall will function as a visual mission statement for your organization that will be an invaluable fundraising tool because visitors will stop and ask, “how do I get on the wall?”

  • How does the contract work?

    Most projects require a two phase contract. The first phase is for initial concept and design development.The second phase is the production and installation. Single phase contracts are also an option but we recommend scheduling a time to speak with us to see what type of contract your project will require.

  • What is the "Phase One" contract?

    In the “Phase One” agreement we will develop full color scale drawings, with the  option for a watercolor rendering and display models to be made.

    We charge an initial retainer to cover design services which usually amounts to about 45 hours per project.  Design time beyond the initial retainer is billed accordingly.

    This phase concludes with approved drawings and an agreement for Phase Two production.

  • What is the "Phase Two" contract?

    The “Phase Two” agreement marks the beginning of the production phase and physical creation of your project- it’s where we bring the clay to life.

    This phase of the contract details the specifics of what we are fabricating: dimensions, materials used, firm pricing, production and payment schedule, project communication plan, site plan, and specifications for delivery and installation.

    This phase concludes with the completion and delivery of the project.

  • How are the mosaics installed?

    The mosaics are often installed in a similar way to bathroom tile: adhesive is applied to the receiving surface, the tiles are placed, and then finally grouted.

    Other installation processes are available such as mounting the mosaic to a board that can then be hung on the wall. This method is best suited for smaller works like naming plaques.

  • Will you also install the mosaic?

    Generally we do not install the tile murals. That portion of the project is contracted out to a tile setter. STM Contractors has been working closely with us for almost 20 years and we highly recommend them, however you are welcome to choose your own tile setter. We will work with them to make sure installation goes smoothly.

  • My facility is located in California and you're in Philadelphia.
    How can we work together?

    Karen Singer Tileworks has successfully produced many long-distance projects; we keep the communication flowing through every milestone of the project. For large-scale projects, we strongly recommend at least one site visit.

  • What makes your company special?

    At Karen Singer Tileworks, we work closely with you to fully understand your organization and create a one-of-a-kind donor recognition system that will connect directly with your donors.

    Our donor walls are works of art that function as a portrait of your organization and as a visual mission statement that will attract donors for years to come.

  • Why should we choose a ceramic tile donor recognition system?

    Tile is extremely durable and lasts for thousands of years. It is virtually maintenance free and will withstand the touch of the curious. Not to mention it is a unique and engaging solution for donor walls and gifts.

  • Can our students participate in creating our ceramic tile mural?

    Karen Singer has led children and adults in group projects to co-produce ceramic murals for their school or religious organization. It’s fun and gets everyone involved. Learn more about our workshops here.

  • What if I want to update or expand our ceramic tile display in the future?

    Extremely creative solutions for expansion is our specialty.

  • How long will it take to produce our recognition project?

    It depends on a number of factors like scale and complexity– generally you should allow 12-16 weeks from approval of the design.

  • My organization is quite conservative and we've always used brass plaques. How can I convince them that this can work for us?

    Consider creating a visual history of your organization, view our gallery of history walls.