Commission Process

Most of our large projects require a two phase approach. The first phase is the initial concept and design development. The second phase is the production and installation. We contract separately for each phase.

Many of our clients start the donor recognition process early in their campaigns, and utilize the mural design to raise funds. We highly recommend starting early because your donor wall is a fundraising investment. It will engage your donor base in a new way, and often can facilitate increased giving.

Phase One Agreement

We charge an initial retainer to cover design services which usually amounts to about 45 hours per project. Design time beyond the initial retainer is billed accordingly.

Phase One – Activities and Deliverables

  • Research and brain storming
  • Presentation of 1 to 3 design concepts
  • Develop full color scale drawings, optional watercolor rendering and display models
  • Concludes with approved drawings and an agreement for Phase Two production

Phase Two Agreement

This agreement details the specifics of what we are fabricating: dimensions, materials used, firm pricing, production and payment schedule, project communication plan, site plan and specifications for delivery and installation.

Phase Two – Activities and Deliverables

  • Full scale production of ceramic tile- from wet clay, to a finished glazed ready to install product
  • Packaging and shipping for installation